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Dec 23, 2012 5:25am EST
table. estimates are high. especially if you consider the number killed. >> what about suni muslims? do we have a sense of how many defections there have been from a group? >> will not try to make an estimate of how many suni officers and soldiers are left, anyone who is still there fighting was still there fighting regardless. there are locked up on a base literally and enter a prison are there out there fighting at this point. there is some gray area in the sense that i think you could have a lot of the regime's willing to go to a checkpoint and play defense when they are attacked but not willing to go into an opposition in neighborhood and really do some of the more violent work. >> [indiscernible] >> you know, it is so hard to know, i will be honest with you. there is a teeny, tiny glimmer of hope that i hold that the consolation of activity with you have a senior regime official whose suni vice president whose name has been mentioned as a transitional figure. you have deliberations ongoing between turkey and russia between the united states and russia, although we have not hear
Dec 21, 2012 6:30am PST
mutanabbi street in baghdad. mutanabbi street is a mixed shia-suni area. more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded. this locale is the historic center of baghdad book selling, a winding street filled with bookstores and outdoor book stalls. named after the famous 10th century classic poet, al-mutanabbi, this is an old and established street for book selling and has been for hundreds of years. mutanabbi street also holds cafes, stationary shops, and even tea and tobacco shops. it has been the heart and soul of the baghdad literary and intellectual community. this tragedy is part of a wider and continuing tragedy, but one that we want to isolate and address, not only for the loss of lives but also for the implications underlying the destruction of a street where books were sold. book selling on mutanabbi street is no different from book selling here. we traffic in memory, ideas and dreams. in that sense, we feel that mutanabbi street starts at the front door of all of our book shops. mutanabbi street starts here. our first reader will be sinan anton. >> when i was torn
Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
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Dec 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
supporting militia attacking suny civilians and reports of armed groups attacking pro-the minority communities including christians, armenians, orthodox, and jews. >> the report says increasing numbers of sumy's -- sunnis are from abroad and fighting the opposition. eddie's is increasing numbers are not concerned with human rights. it also is concerned with increasing weapons flowing into the country. >> adjusting the conflict, vladimir putin said any solution must ensure president assad's forces and his opponents do not simply swap roles and fight on forever. he called instead for a negotiating transition. and the comments came as putin held his traditional end of your q&a session with more than 1000 journalists. it was a wide-ranging and long discussion that touched on subjects including kremlin's domestic and foreign policy. >> the russian president appeared to have a slight limp, but he was as combative as ever. journalist asked him about relations with the assad regime in syria. >> we are not concerned with assad's fate. we are very aware what is going on there. his family has
Dec 30, 2012 5:30am PST
tribal region. the officers were kidnapped on thursday. hundreds of suny muslims -- sunni muslims protesting that they're getting targeted for arrest. they have been protesting for days. prayer is being held in india for a gang rape victim who died from her injuries. her body was cremated after being flown back from singapore. six men are being charged with her murder. let's get more now on the security situation in pakistan. they say it is unlikely that the government would engage with talks with the taliban. >> basically, this is part of a concern of an organized campaign mounted by terrorists, whoever they are coming to demoralize the securities and also to defeat any attempt by the government to crack down on them. the second objective of this campaign seems to be putting fear and terror in the minds of common people live this is what we have seen across the country in the last two weeks. it has been a deadly terror campaign which have led to demoralization in pakistan in general. >> this, just off the back of 24 hours ago. we have them in video offering to talk with the gover
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Dec 16, 2012 7:00am PST
we've seen about radical suny islamist, we're replacing one bad regime with another. the implications will spread. we've seen in libya the inability of the successor government to gadhafi to control the entire territory. same in yemen. the risk could cause the entire middle east to descend into a situation of near anarchy where all the varies crisis come together. >> you talk about near anarchy. sir where syria, libya, what cae obama administration do and what are they not doing that they should do toe stabilize it. >> i don't think they're paying adequate attention. it's manifestation of the fact the president doesn't care about national security. his priorities are domestic. he turns to it when he has to like the september 11 killings in benghazi but we still don't have answers as to why enhanced security wasn't provided before the attack and how to explain this story of the movie about the prophet muhammad as the cause of the attack. i think in egypt specifically we need to try and use our influence on the egyptian military to stabilize the situation. and to use all those billions
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Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
receive stars of porn movies. wow. and suni muslims lawmakers called her an actress with a bad reputation. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> dan, she is over there trying to help millions of people, and these protesters go out there. were you surprised by this? >> shocked. everyone knows i am a huge fan of all of the work the kardashians do smghts i find them -- i find them extremely thought out and they came from nothing. they came from nothing and they earned. why do you want to tear people down when they do nothing, protesters? she is a phenomenal actress if you have seen scary movie 7 and a half. i don't like watch having my heros taken down. >> i agree with you completely. she tweeted i just got to bahrain. omg, the prettiest place on earth. can i move here? >> can we force her to live there? >> she is a waste of space. >> oh the gal from a woman with a law degree. >> not all of us could defend murderers, remi. >> but, the rest of us don't need to make sex tapes. >> terrible, terrible example for girls. >> i suppose defending a murd
Dec 17, 2012 7:00am PST
earlier issues in suny vail so 85 is slow -- sunnyvale. so 85 is slow as well. let's go to steve. >>> at the summit, rain coming down right now. pretty good coming down here, also in oakland as well. this front is moving through. take it easy. it's mainly a morning event on some of this rain. morning rain, sun, clouds, windy, windy. tomorrow, i should say -- actually tuesday and wednesday, turn turning colder. this could be colder than -- turning colder. this could be colder than last week. thursday into sunday, a rainy pattern. mountain snow will set up probably all the way into sunday and maybe on monday. that would be thursday. rain thursday. maybe a showery pattern on friday. it looks like rain comes in saturday and sunday, especially sunday. sunday could be heavy rain. this doesn't look to be as strong as we had a couple of weeks ago. 1.50 up in mendocino county. middletown, .775. .75. i saw about didn't 25 down towards -- i saw about .25 down towards lexington esvoyeur. i've had report -- lexington reservoir. i've had reports of sticking rain. kind of -- it looks like some break th
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
kurds but those with al qaeda and the suni jihadist hof in the united states or our survey give. that is a real concern or a tragedy that while the ambassador is correct the politically and materially also to defeat the assad regime is absolutely the way to go despite the best efforts that his not really been the administration's policy. at least in practice and therefore we are paris and -- perilously close, the window has almost closed to intervene in a meaningful way to have our voice represented for any to look at ase table transition. i am quite worried for policy makers you have to develop the apolo's sea to make the best of what increasingly is a bad situation that the option is to be a positive force by the month certainly the. >> you could wave a magic one what could you do? that u.s. could play right now? >> he said i was a arming the rebels the only to build the influence to achieve much greater progress to bolster moderate forces and scare the bejeezus like the russians to be a positive force in the fall of 2011. it would be to put to the russians in a position in. i
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
significant, but it is going to be the suny shi'ah conflict in the muslim world expressed in all the ways. i think we waited too long. i hope that we will immediately -- the demonstration will recognize this that they helped to put together that will give them weapons and that with both of the neighbors of syria and our allies in europe, some of which have now been ahead of us, that we will focus in on this immediate really potentially disastrous threat of chemical and biological weapons. >> you said a moment ago that iran is our most dangerous enemy. if so, how far should we be willing to go to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons? >> i just echo what everybody said. it's unacceptable for us to allow -- to become a nuclear state. containment is not an acceptable alternative. i think that is absolutely right. it changes the balance of power in the middle east. some of our allies to begin to accommodate. and it's a threat to most of the rest of the world. the sanctions, unprecedented so i think we have to the make sure that our threat of military actions, if they don't take down their
Dec 23, 2012 4:20am EST
the defense minister four years was a suni, which is important to the arab nationalists. his deputy was a member of a key alawite family closely tied to the assad regime. i think the challenge really is trying to figure out where the extended family network stops and where the broader alawite community begins. that is not easy. assad, the father and the sun has inherited this. they have been a pretty remarkable job incorporating all of the different elements of the alawite community and making sure there are included in the system. certainly they are facing a fall from status, or at least a perceived fall from status. the question is how much are they facing an existential threat to them? that is something the assad has been effective at convincing the alawite population they're facing an existential threat. you could make the argument that some of the regime's key violence was an effort to in some ways radicalize the opposition to make this point clear to the alawite community that they need to rally around the raceme. i would. in particular to the first car bombs that went off a d
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)